Water pet cremation is not a burning process. It is a very gentle, eco-friendly alternative to traditional pet fire cremation or burial.

We use a combination of gentle water flow, warmth and natural alkalis in our clean and peaceful facility, to accelerate the natural processes that would occur after a burial. The remaining ashes are the same as what would be achieved from a traditional fire cremation, however there is no pollution produced and 95% less energy is used.

The Water Pet Cremation process has been utilised for decades (for both pets and humans) and is widely used in the United States, Canada and the UK. Whilst Pet Water Cremation is a relatively new concept in Australia, Water Pet Cremation is growing in popularity due to its peaceful and natural process together with its pollution free and environmentally friendly operation.

Our Water Cremation services enable you to remember the final stage of your precious pet’s life lovingly and gently. We welcome you to contact our caring staff to discuss the various options or we can also send you information if you’re not quite ready to make decisions.

We will communicate with you to let you know when we have your loved one in our care. Prior to conducting the Water Cremation we will contact you to finalise your wishes regarding urn choices, paw prints, lock of fur and other memorial options.

Arrangements can be made for your pet’s ashes to come home or back to your veterinary clinic.

Our process is gentle and respectful to farewell your pet with love and care
We are a family owned, local business supporting other Australian companies
Our machines are purpose-built in Australia for pet water cremations
Water cremation produces zero harmful emissions and uses very little energy
We are members of the cremation association of North America (CANA)
Returned ashes are 100% free of disease and pollutants

Service Options and Pricing – Water Pet Cremation Brisbane

We offer you peace of mind by collecting your pet from your home or vet practice.
We offer a personal and dignified service for your loved one before returning your pet’s ashes back home to you or your vet practice.
We will be there to provide support every step of the way.
We can accommodate a range of pets from small animals/pocket pets (up to 1kg) up to 60kg.

Premium Individual Water Pet Cremation

From $360.00

Water Pet Cremation Brisbane recommends our most popular offering and is intended for most dogs and cats. Your loved one will be Individually Water Pet Cremated and their ashes returned to you in your choice of standard urn or scatter tube (choices pictured).

Package includes:

  Dignified transfer of your loved one from your home or vet to our facilities. You will receive a phone call from us when they are safely in our care.
Guaranteed Individual Water Pet Cremation service to ensure you get all of and only your pet’s ashes back.
We will personally return your pet’s ashes home to you (or your vet if you prefer) with a personalised Memorial Certificate, lock of hair and paw print as a special momento of your loved one.
Ashes returned home in your choice of an urn, scatter tube or memorial box (upgrades available). All urns and memorial boxes come with an engraved plaque.

Small Animals/Pocket Pet Water Pet Cremation (up to 1kg)

$ 260.00

This service is for the Water Pet Cremation of very small animals and much loved babies such as birds, guinea pigs, rats, mice, etc. The package includes your choice of miniature scatter tube or extra small memorial box (with plaque).

Individual Water Pet Cremation
(No Ashes Returned)

$ 295.00

This service guarantees individual Water Pet Cremation of your loved one and their return back to nature by scattering them over our property/gardens.

Saying farewell to your beloved pet should not be a financial burden.
We offer Afterpay which provides flexible, interest free payment options.

Contact Us – Paws to Heaven – Water Pet Cremation Brisbane

Mobile: 0478 103 318
Email: sharon@pawstoheaven.com.au

We will always be here to answer your call, however for those that don’t feel up to a conversation just yet, please feel free to send an email or use our online contact form to ask any questions you may have about water pet cremations.

Office Hours and Collection Times

Our office is open:

Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm; and

Saturday, 9am to 1pm.

Paws to Heaven offers collection services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Please note that an additional fee is charged for transfers or return of your pet’s ashes outside of the above office hours or public holidays.

Service Areas – Water Pet Cremation Brisbane

We are located in Brisbane, Queensland and our collection services cover the Greater Brisbane area.

If you live outside these areas, please give us a call to discuss. Services beyond these areas can be completed via arrangement although additional fees may apply.